Everyday Problems of a Doctoral Student

The number of students pursuing PhD is increasing day by day and statistics show that a significantly higher proportion of total students in the world are either currently or planning to pursue a PhD in future. Many years ago, obtaining a doctorate was considered to be an extremely prestigious achievement but now it seems like the prestige is no more the way it used to be. This is because of increasing competition among students who, in an attempt to prove themselves better than others, try to go further and further in academia.

However, this is apparently a good thing because it shows that a decent proportion of world’s total population would be high educated and hence the possibility of development and advancement is improving. Whatever benefits doctoral students are giving to the world, we cannot ignore the fact that doctoral students have to face many problems in their life:

Continuing Education After Marriage:

A common problem that many students of doctorate face is that they need to continue studying even after they get married. Since PhD and post-doctoral degrees are highest levels of education one can get, you cannot simply do it at a very young age and so, according to many providers of dissertation writing services, some people with children seek their help to finally end this academic journey. While this is not a bad thing apparently because of the famous quote ‘There is no age of learning’, married doctoral students face a lot of issues regarding time management since they have a lot of things to focus on.

Rarely Get an Opportunity To Enjoy Weekends:

Weekends are meant to be spent in great ways by going to beach and dance parties. While students do enjoy their weekends a lot during college, it is very difficult for PhD students to do so especially when they are working on their dissertation. Keeping in mind other activities that keep doctoral students away from dissertation writing during weekdays, providers of dissertation writing services encourages them to dedicate most of their weekend to dissertation if they wish to complete it on time. Hence, even if doctoral students may plan something small, they are rarely able to completely take a day off.

The Social Circle Becomes a Bit Too Intellectual:

When you are pursuing a doctoral degree, you must expect yourself to be surrounded by a number of intellectual PhD holders even if you go out at a party or similar gathering. Imagine yourself going to a picnic and everyone is talking about the research that they have been doing for their dissertation. No matter how much doctoral students try to avoid this, it becomes difficult for them to talk about any other matter simply because they are too much obsessed by their own work. However, a good option could be spending time with people who are not pursuing their doctorate!

When Claiming Library as Your Second Home is Not Ironic:

Students who actually study a lot during undergraduate and postgraduate programs ironically refer to library as their second home simply because they spend too much time there. PhD students, however, remains deprived of the irony because they actually have to spend more time in library than their home when working on dissertation!