Astounding Research Tips for Dissertation

Astounding Research Tips for Dissertation

If you have come across the word ‘dissertation’, you are probably about to complete your PhD. While you are qualified enough to write a good dissertation, there is one thing that could create some trouble for you either during or after you write and submit your dissertation: research. Researching is one major aspect of dissertation and if you are not capable of carrying out massive research during dissertation writing, you may not be able to write a good dissertation.

While there are several sources through which you can do your research and get relevant information, here you will get to know some tips on how to carry out research through the most popular source i.e. internet wisely:

  • Keywords: After choosing a topic of your interest, focus on the best keywords that you can enter in search engines and obtain most relevant links. If you cannot figure out which keywords are the best, it can take you double the normal time in finding relevant links.
  • Gathering links: Once you know you have found the perfect keywords, you will get several links on search engines containing relevant information that you need. Now here is the problem: not everything found on internet could be true! One out of every five links is said to have fabricated and fake information. Hence, you need to be very careful about the links you choose to get information from. Since you are preparing a dissertation, you cannot afford to include false information, intentionally or unintentionally. Also, false information may confuse you if you already know basic things about that information.
  • The solution: In order to avoid collecting false data, you can go for any of the following two methods, or both:
  1. Use several links to verify one piece of information that you wish to include in your dissertation. While it is true that one out of five links may have false information, but if you use several links you can compare the information and evaluate if it is correct or not. Obviously, not all links would have fake information unless you are too unfortunate!
  2. The second method sounds simpler and less time consuming but in reality it’s not. An alternative is that you can collect information from the most authentic websites e.g. government websites, NGOs, news and media, politicians or political websites, university websites and so on. When you become so specific, it is very difficult to find relevant information easily and you may have to spend hours on finding the right website.

Alternatively, you can try using both methods like using several links for comparison and when you see an authentic source, simply collect information from there.

When you carry out research on the web, the most important thing is to know and verify the credibility of the source. If you see that the website is open for editing by anyone or it is a forum where people post ‘opinions’, immediately close it down because that is nothing near authentic. However, some websites are ‘famous’ for having true and non-fabricated information so you can collect information while comparison with other links is still recommended.

Some people put in too much effort by using books and newspapers for their research and usually end up with an excellent dissertation. Since internet seems to be a relatively convenient method, you must follow the precautions mentioned.