Dos and Don’ts of Writing an Outstanding Dissertation





It is true that lack of concentration, depression and tension are some of the most common problems that are faced by majority of PhD students. But release all your tension now because we are here to help you out. Check this article out!

Whether you are starting your dissertation, in the middle of writing the dissertation or about to submit it there are several pieces of advice that are necessary for you based on experts personal experience over the years. Here in this article we share, dos and don’ts of writing an outstanding dissertation:


Choose the topic you enjoy:

It is always recommended to choose a dissertation topic on which you have some interest and you enjoy writing it otherwise it will be a big hurdle for you in the end. You can easily make your dull and boring dissertation full of excitement by choosing a dissertation topic that you are passionate about and that will hold your interest until the end.

Write a detailed research proposal:

Every university has different requirements and if your professor asks you for a dissertation proposal, then remember that a good dissertation proposal will serve as a guide for your professor and allow them to make necessary suggestions about your thoughts and ideas. More importantly, it acts as a guide for you when writing the final draft.


Have a realistic plan:

Plan a proper plan for completing your dissertation by keeping your other important schedule in mind. However, it is difficult to work on the dissertation constantly make sure that you also spend some time away from it with your friends and family. By this when you again approach it you will have a fresh pair of eyes and fresh mind.

Have a backup of your work:

One cannot rely on electronic items therefore it is always suggested to keep the backup of your project. You can use any of the methods to keep a backup of your dissertation: Mozy, DropBox, memory stick, flash drive, CD, external hard drive, etc. The latter usually offer free storage of 2GB.


Edit and proofread:

Now that you have completed your dissertation it is now the time to give yourself some relax and after one or two days again go through each section and read it carefully and correct any mistake that you might make during the writing.

Ask someone to read your dissertation:

Ask someone in your colleagues or your family member to read your dissertation and correct any mistakes that you might make and won’t be able to spot out during proofread. This will help you make your dissertation 100% error free.

Plagiarism free:

Before submitting your dissertation to the committee it is always suggested to run your copy on to some plagiarism check software that is now easily available on the Internet. This will make you sure that your dissertation is 100% unique.

Above are some do’s and don’ts of writing a dissertation if you are still having difficulty in writing a dissertation, then you can anytime take help from some dissertation writing firm. But always go for the best dissertation writing firm that is easily available online, otherwise all your money will go in vain and you will also feel embarrassment in front of your professor or dissertation committee. Best of luck for your dissertation!