Tips for Writing your Dissertation


Writing in the Academic field means Brain drain. You might get stuck a lot and procrastinate in the process and structure of dissertation writing. No one ever said writing was easy.

You’ve enrolled yourself in a PhD program, selected a topic and discussed with the adviser. You’re in the mood to write down the dissertation but nothing comes out and you’re sitting on the desk with an empty feeling and despair. Fighting your inner stress, procrastination, all sorts of negative feelings but the words won’t come out, not even a word comes out. Here’s what to do when you go through this situation:

Things to do when you can’t get out the writing

  • Sort out all the things you need to add in the dissertation, write them down in a form of a list.
  • If you can’t get done the bigger stuff like citing the source of the quote or relevant literature of the argument, get done something else like photocopying some of the important pages of the books for the readings.
  • Get some things done every day even small bits. It can get obsessive that way you’ll stick to the routine of doing things and completing the task bit by bit.
  • When getting stuck midway, remember how far you’ve come and how much you’ve learned. Count the things you’ve earned since joining this degree that way you’ll feel energized and go ahead with the dissertation.
  • Let out the reason you’re stuck somewhere, on a notepad or on social media. That way you can get past the writer’s block and move towards the other phase.

To keep you away from distraction

  • Try to keep the things close to your eyesight. If it’s out of sight, it’s out of mind. For example: if you bookmark the book your reading and place it on the desk then it’s likely that you’ll read it as your eye catches it.
  • Being organized gets you on track for getting things done properly. Clean your space and arrange everything.
  • It’s not important to prioritize working on chapters. Work on it in your own way. If you feel that you can get done chapter 5 first than starting off with chapter 1 then do it. Some things require noting down and then putting them in the form of a write-up.
  • Working all day long is not possible. Being productive 12 hours a day is abnormal, try limiting your working hours to 4 or 5.
  • Feeling anxious about your dissertation is normal; it’s your first try!
  • Take a break for a day from writing. If you have an idea how your dissertation is going to develop then what you’re going to do next.
  • Give a page out of your dissertation to one of your family or friend or even your adviser and tell them to judge it. Compliments can motivate you to complete your task and try to work much harder that are one way to reach the end of your dissertation.