Things to know before Beginning your Dissertation




Dissertation is a very important part of your doctorate degree and needs to be prepared very carefully. It is not as easy as a thesis because of the difference in level of both. However, this article will help you be aware of some things to take care of before beginning the dissertation.

Many professionals claim that if they had known a few things before writing their dissertation, their experience of the 10,000 words paper would have been great. Although a dissertation is not compulsory, many students opt to write one because they know how it affects the employ ability. When you undertake the courses in a degree program, you learn several things but if you do not prepare the final paper, the learning does not becomes effective. Employers believe that it is worth hiring applicants with low or no work experience but who prepared a good dissertation before completing the degree.

So since now it is clear how important dissertation is, you must know the following things before beginning to write and during it:

  • Concentrate on your own work: Never ask colleagues about their dissertation e.g. how much have they done, what are they writing on, sources of research and so on. This will eventually lead to confusion and/or panic in your colleagues or you. When you focus on your own work, you can complete the dissertation without any stress or panic.
  • Don’t let your doubts control you: At some point during the preparation of dissertation, you may feel that the dissertation have serious flaws and may get rejected and so you think of starting it all over again on a different topic. Do not do this at all without supervisor’s instructions. The feeling of imperfections in work is natural even when the work is excellent.
  • Choose the best supervisor: Although a supervisor is randomly assigned to students for the dissertation, there is always room for change. If you think that you are not satisfied with the current supervisor, change him immediately or else you will face great difficulties in preparing and completing a perfect dissertation within the stipulated deadline. The problem with a not-so-good supervisor is that he might not be approachable i.e. he could not find time to guide and assist you, may not provide the necessary feedback and is not reliable.
  • Do not let your morale decline: Friends and family members usually ask if you are writing a thesis or dissertation or not. When they ask some questions about it like what is it about and what have you included, you are most likely to give an unsatisfactory answer. Even if you manage to give a good reply, expect criticisms and confusions from their side. However, they are not the one graduating but you are applying the knowledge you gained about the topic very recently. Therefore, it is safe to assume that your dissertation is fine and others opinions can be ignored.
  • Be careful about the time: Begin dissertation as soon as possible and do not leave it for the last moment. Allocate sufficient time to make any necessary changes or edits suggested by the supervisor when you have completed the dissertation.

If these points are considered, you can have a very good experience of writing a dissertation without any stress, panic or confusion.

Tips for Writing your Dissertation


Writing in the Academic field means Brain drain. You might get stuck a lot and procrastinate in the process and structure of dissertation writing. No one ever said writing was easy.

You’ve enrolled yourself in a PhD program, selected a topic and discussed with the adviser. You’re in the mood to write down the dissertation but nothing comes out and you’re sitting on the desk with an empty feeling and despair. Fighting your inner stress, procrastination, all sorts of negative feelings but the words won’t come out, not even a word comes out. Here’s what to do when you go through this situation:

Things to do when you can’t get out the writing

  • Sort out all the things you need to add in the dissertation, write them down in a form of a list.
  • If you can’t get done the bigger stuff like citing the source of the quote or relevant literature of the argument, get done something else like photocopying some of the important pages of the books for the readings.
  • Get some things done every day even small bits. It can get obsessive that way you’ll stick to the routine of doing things and completing the task bit by bit.
  • When getting stuck midway, remember how far you’ve come and how much you’ve learned. Count the things you’ve earned since joining this degree that way you’ll feel energized and go ahead with the dissertation.
  • Let out the reason you’re stuck somewhere, on a notepad or on social media. That way you can get past the writer’s block and move towards the other phase.

To keep you away from distraction

  • Try to keep the things close to your eyesight. If it’s out of sight, it’s out of mind. For example: if you bookmark the book your reading and place it on the desk then it’s likely that you’ll read it as your eye catches it.
  • Being organized gets you on track for getting things done properly. Clean your space and arrange everything.
  • It’s not important to prioritize working on chapters. Work on it in your own way. If you feel that you can get done chapter 5 first than starting off with chapter 1 then do it. Some things require noting down and then putting them in the form of a write-up.
  • Working all day long is not possible. Being productive 12 hours a day is abnormal, try limiting your working hours to 4 or 5.
  • Feeling anxious about your dissertation is normal; it’s your first try!
  • Take a break for a day from writing. If you have an idea how your dissertation is going to develop then what you’re going to do next.
  • Give a page out of your dissertation to one of your family or friend or even your adviser and tell them to judge it. Compliments can motivate you to complete your task and try to work much harder that are one way to reach the end of your dissertation.