Everyday Problems of a Doctoral Student

The number of students pursuing PhD is increasing day by day and statistics show that a significantly higher proportion of total students in the world are either currently or planning to pursue a PhD in future. Many years ago, obtaining a doctorate was considered to be an extremely prestigious achievement but now it seems like the prestige is no more the way it used to be. This is because of increasing competition among students who, in an attempt to prove themselves better than others, try to go further and further in academia.

However, this is apparently a good thing because it shows that a decent proportion of world’s total population would be high educated and hence the possibility of development and advancement is improving. Whatever benefits doctoral students are giving to the world, we cannot ignore the fact that doctoral students have to face many problems in their life:

Continuing Education After Marriage:

A common problem that many students of doctorate face is that they need to continue studying even after they get married. Since PhD and post-doctoral degrees are highest levels of education one can get, you cannot simply do it at a very young age and so, according to many providers of dissertation writing services, some people with children seek their help to finally end this academic journey. While this is not a bad thing apparently because of the famous quote ‘There is no age of learning’, married doctoral students face a lot of issues regarding time management since they have a lot of things to focus on.

Rarely Get an Opportunity To Enjoy Weekends:

Weekends are meant to be spent in great ways by going to beach and dance parties. While students do enjoy their weekends a lot during college, it is very difficult for PhD students to do so especially when they are working on their dissertation. Keeping in mind other activities that keep doctoral students away from dissertation writing during weekdays, providers of dissertation writing services encourages them to dedicate most of their weekend to dissertation if they wish to complete it on time. Hence, even if doctoral students may plan something small, they are rarely able to completely take a day off.

The Social Circle Becomes a Bit Too Intellectual:

When you are pursuing a doctoral degree, you must expect yourself to be surrounded by a number of intellectual PhD holders even if you go out at a party or similar gathering. Imagine yourself going to a picnic and everyone is talking about the research that they have been doing for their dissertation. No matter how much doctoral students try to avoid this, it becomes difficult for them to talk about any other matter simply because they are too much obsessed by their own work. However, a good option could be spending time with people who are not pursuing their doctorate!

When Claiming Library as Your Second Home is Not Ironic:

Students who actually study a lot during undergraduate and postgraduate programs ironically refer to library as their second home simply because they spend too much time there. PhD students, however, remains deprived of the irony because they actually have to spend more time in library than their home when working on dissertation!

How to Tackle Rambling in MBA Dissertation Task?

mba dissertation task

Students studying in MBA often look for MBA dissertation help to identify and correct their writing mistakes. The problems they face are mostly associated with research and writing, and especially when they come to the research methodology chapter. One of the main sources of these issues is rambling in which a student tends to deviate from the main research topic. When this happens, rambling dissertation does not clearly state the problem statement of your dissertation.

For those students, this article is going to present basic steps that students must follow to either make better their writing once it rambles, or to dodge it completely.

At first, you need to reflect on the reason why poor or inadequate writing happen. The basic issue is rambling that can be improved. In this regard, you need to discuss it with others so that you can manage effectively your material. When you will follow this approach, you will realise that as you illustrate something to someone else it becomes embedded in your mind, and it will then improve your writing.

Hard work is also an aspect behind an increased rambling. It means that you have made great effort for one part, and subsequently you have lost the competency to overview your writing. More elaborately, suppose a student told that “I am facing troubles in my writing and reading; that’s why I read and write repeatedly. My feeling is that I am very confused. I strongly need to learn how I can improve myself.” To tackle these issues, this student should take breaks at short intervals while writing a dissertation, and then he will have to read and review his work out loud. And at the end he should employ the word processing software programme that highlights work path.

Behold the following steps:

  • Take breaks at short intervals

Usually, students get tired and feel frustration when they prepare their MBA Dissertation. If you are one of them, you need to take short breaks. In this regard, you can break all your research and writing works into small tasks to solve these issues. Through this approach, you will be able to pay proper attention to your research topic.

  • Read work out loud

One of the main things to engage you in your MBA dissertation writing is ‘read work out loud’. As listeners, you need the order of concepts in your paper to make sense. You cannot flip back and forth from page to page to try to understand what is happening or locate information you need. While hearing your paper read out loud, you may identify that you need to re-order the information in it or recognise gaps in your description.

  • Word Processing Software

This software programme is typically used among students to highlight work path and also the work itself. This software will let you to make a good way for crafting your dissertation on an MBA topic as long as there are proper headings, as obviously there would be in the paper.

There are many troubles students face while writing their dissertations and rambling has been found as the most common barriers to their writing. In fact, this problem compels students to get help with their MBA dissertation. This article presented some crucial steps to tackle rambling. By following these steps, you will be definitely assisted in your dissertation writing.

Are You Looking for Dissertation Writing Help? Follow 10 Tips to Finish Your Project in Time

dissertation writing tips

Most of the PhD Students like to work on their dissertations but sometimes, they can’t find the way to finish it which often makes them disappointed and they seek for professional help. However, if they have control over their writing from the very beginning, they won’t have to worry about it at all. If you are just assigned a project, here are 10 tips in this article which will defiantly be very helpful for you to finish your assignment in time without getting paid service of online dissertation help.

Tip # 1: Start Writing Sooner

When you are assigned dissertation, you should immediately start working on it because if you delay it unnecessarily, it will become a complex and boring process. This is the most important project in your academic time period and you must finish it successfully before it is too late.

Tip # 2: Write Continually

When you study, read and take notes, you better keep writing continuously without waiting for collection of enough notes. Continue working on your project as this will help you keep moving or else having huge number of pages containing notes will become headache for you.

Tip # 3: Write & Rewrite

Writing continuously and quickly can become possible only when you are not looking for perfection in your work which means, you should not be worried about the mistakes that you are making because of quick writing. You can rewrite your content in later stages keeping in view the perfection.

Tip # 4: Develop Solid Thesis

 When you are writing your dissertation, you need to develop a solid thesis. Spend some more time to do this process but do it with planning as this make the process even easier.

Tip # 5: Got Stuck? Move to Next Section

When you develop a comprehensive and clear methodology and thesis, this will enable you to get out of the trouble when you find yourself stuck to a certain point during your project. If you follow this strategy, you won’t have to get professional help With Dissertation.

Tip # 6: Face Trouble Times

When you get in trouble and don’t find the way to move forward, you better move to the next section. On contrary, you can also ensure balancing because this will help you get courage to go through more difficult spots immediately without moving to next section.

Tip # 7: Strive for Best

A dissertation must be of high quality so your supervisor as well as committee can have enough reasons to appreciate its quality. Do proper research, add your contribution and finish the project in time but remember you are still a learner and you can’t be 100% perfect. Therefore, you just need to do your best and leave the rest on your luck.

Tip # 8: Take Notes Carefully

You should also take notes very carefully and there are various reasons to do this but the most important is that you keep a proper record of knowledge you have gained during research work and definably this will save lots of you time in future. In addition to this, this will also help you avoid plagiarism.

Tip # 9: Get Your Body Enough Rest

Dissertation writing is a long process and it will definitely take a lot of time but you don’t have to deprive your body from sleep and relaxation. If you make your mind get tired, your productivity might suffer which will defiantly be bad for your academic writing and therefore, it is really important for you to take proper rest.

Tip # 10: Avoid Multitasking

While you are writing, you might be able to save some time if everything is going well but if you try to utilize extra time in another task that is not relevant, you will get stuck which will surly effect your current project and therefore, you must avoid multitasking. In case you have shortage of time and you must get yourself involved in multitasking, you better get professional dissertation writers help.

Astounding Research Tips for Dissertation

Astounding Research Tips for Dissertation

If you have come across the word ‘dissertation’, you are probably about to complete your PhD. While you are qualified enough to write a good dissertation, there is one thing that could create some trouble for you either during or after you write and submit your dissertation: research. Researching is one major aspect of dissertation and if you are not capable of carrying out massive research during dissertation writing, you may not be able to write a good dissertation.

While there are several sources through which you can do your research and get relevant information, here you will get to know some tips on how to carry out research through the most popular source i.e. internet wisely:

  • Keywords: After choosing a topic of your interest, focus on the best keywords that you can enter in search engines and obtain most relevant links. If you cannot figure out which keywords are the best, it can take you double the normal time in finding relevant links.
  • Gathering links: Once you know you have found the perfect keywords, you will get several links on search engines containing relevant information that you need. Now here is the problem: not everything found on internet could be true! One out of every five links is said to have fabricated and fake information. Hence, you need to be very careful about the links you choose to get information from. Since you are preparing a dissertation, you cannot afford to include false information, intentionally or unintentionally. Also, false information may confuse you if you already know basic things about that information.
  • The solution: In order to avoid collecting false data, you can go for any of the following two methods, or both:
  1. Use several links to verify one piece of information that you wish to include in your dissertation. While it is true that one out of five links may have false information, but if you use several links you can compare the information and evaluate if it is correct or not. Obviously, not all links would have fake information unless you are too unfortunate!
  2. The second method sounds simpler and less time consuming but in reality it’s not. An alternative is that you can collect information from the most authentic websites e.g. government websites, NGOs, news and media, politicians or political websites, university websites and so on. When you become so specific, it is very difficult to find relevant information easily and you may have to spend hours on finding the right website.

Alternatively, you can try using both methods like using several links for comparison and when you see an authentic source, simply collect information from there.

When you carry out research on the web, the most important thing is to know and verify the credibility of the source. If you see that the website is open for editing by anyone or it is a forum where people post ‘opinions’, immediately close it down because that is nothing near authentic. However, some websites are ‘famous’ for having true and non-fabricated information so you can collect information while comparison with other links is still recommended.

Some people put in too much effort by using books and newspapers for their research and usually end up with an excellent dissertation. Since internet seems to be a relatively convenient method, you must follow the precautions mentioned.

Dos and Don’ts of Writing an Outstanding Dissertation





It is true that lack of concentration, depression and tension are some of the most common problems that are faced by majority of PhD students. But release all your tension now because we are here to help you out. Check this article out!

Whether you are starting your dissertation, in the middle of writing the dissertation or about to submit it there are several pieces of advice that are necessary for you based on experts personal experience over the years. Here in this article we share, dos and don’ts of writing an outstanding dissertation:


Choose the topic you enjoy:

It is always recommended to choose a dissertation topic on which you have some interest and you enjoy writing it otherwise it will be a big hurdle for you in the end. You can easily make your dull and boring dissertation full of excitement by choosing a dissertation topic that you are passionate about and that will hold your interest until the end.

Write a detailed research proposal:

Every university has different requirements and if your professor asks you for a dissertation proposal, then remember that a good dissertation proposal will serve as a guide for your professor and allow them to make necessary suggestions about your thoughts and ideas. More importantly, it acts as a guide for you when writing the final draft.


Have a realistic plan:

Plan a proper plan for completing your dissertation by keeping your other important schedule in mind. However, it is difficult to work on the dissertation constantly make sure that you also spend some time away from it with your friends and family. By this when you again approach it you will have a fresh pair of eyes and fresh mind.

Have a backup of your work:

One cannot rely on electronic items therefore it is always suggested to keep the backup of your project. You can use any of the methods to keep a backup of your dissertation: Mozy, DropBox, memory stick, flash drive, CD, external hard drive, etc. The latter usually offer free storage of 2GB.


Edit and proofread:

Now that you have completed your dissertation it is now the time to give yourself some relax and after one or two days again go through each section and read it carefully and correct any mistake that you might make during the writing.

Ask someone to read your dissertation:

Ask someone in your colleagues or your family member to read your dissertation and correct any mistakes that you might make and won’t be able to spot out during proofread. This will help you make your dissertation 100% error free.

Plagiarism free:

Before submitting your dissertation to the committee it is always suggested to run your copy on to some plagiarism check software that is now easily available on the Internet. This will make you sure that your dissertation is 100% unique.

Above are some do’s and don’ts of writing a dissertation if you are still having difficulty in writing a dissertation, then you can anytime take help from some dissertation writing firm. But always go for the best dissertation writing firm that is easily available online, otherwise all your money will go in vain and you will also feel embarrassment in front of your professor or dissertation committee. Best of luck for your dissertation!